Thursday, February 19, 2009

My KPN Travels Experience

I booked the ticket to Coimbatore in KPN travels sleeper class. This is the first time that i am travelling in a sleeper class bus. The seating and berth arrangement were so romantic. There were upper berth and lower berth, each berth would accomodate two persons, and side upper and side lower berths would accomodate one person each. I was about to occupy the berth (U9) with two persons. So i was waiting for one hot guy to make my travel so pleasurable.

After a couple of minutes, one guy came near to me. He asked me if this is U10 berth. I was starring at him. Let me personify him. He seemed to be 25 years old, 65 kg weight, 5.9" height, wheatish complexion, he was wearing a red t-shirt and black color night track. i was trying to see his rod's length. He again asked me "Is this U10 berth?", i came out of my dreams, I said "Yes", I took the berth on window corner. I was planning to have some conversation with him until the bus started.

Me: Wat is ur good name?
He: I am Prasanna, wat is ur name?
Me: I am vishwa, are u working in bangalore?
Prasanna: Yes, i am working, but not in bangalore, i work in coimbatore, i came for the interview in bangalore.
Me: How was the interview?
Prasanna: Yep, went well, Hoping for the best results.
Me: All the best
Prasanna: Thanks. Wat are u doing?
Me: (I told him my personal details, i dont wanna make them public thru this story :) )

The bus was started and lights were switched off. As soon as lights were turned off, my sexual organs would be turned on. Also the bus was shaking the passengers too much as the road was not that much good. So i made use of that opportunity to place my hands accidentally on his thighs. He didnt oppose that at all. Then this time, i placed my hands on his thighs for long time, even though the bus dint shake us. His t-shirt was slightly lifting up and his nice hip was being shown. i simply placed my each finger on his hip and waited for some time whether i am getting any opposition from him.

But he was very negligence to my activities. So i felt much brave to show my further activities. I kept all my full hand on his right thigh directly where there was few gaps between my hand and in his thigh. I was bit hesitant about his any non-co-operative reactions to my good activities. Even if i kept my hand on his things for five minutes, he dint take any steps to remove it. So I thought that it was indirect symptom of his acceptance. I simply broght my one finger to his cock to test his erection.

"Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww", it was erected. So it conspicuously showed me that he liked my romantic activities. Now i dint hesitate. I kept my hand on his cock and massaged it on his night track for few moments. I enjoyed it heavenly. Suddenly lights were turned on. Conductor was shouting "Bus will be stopped here for few minutes, those who wanna go refreshment, can go"

i removed my hand from his cock and i was afraid whether he would ask me anything for my activities. He got up for pissing. I too accompanied him to the rest room. He didnt ask any questions about my darkness activities. He used to speak to me very casually as he spoke to me before the lights were turned off.

Then we went to the rest room. i was eager to see his tool. So i occupied the urine container next to him. He opened his zip and took his rod outside. I was seeing it in the side eyes. "Wowwwwwwwwww". I screamed inside me. It was fully erected due to my actions in the bus. I was eager to taste it there itself. But to maintain my own decorum, i jus controlled my desire. Then we finished pissing. Having spoken casually, we returned to the bus and occupied our respective berths.

I was waiting for the lights to get turned off. Till then, i fired my sexual organs. this time, i was touching his thighs while speaking casually. He dint see anything. So i assumed that he too liked me. Now the lights were turned off. I was about to resume my previous actions. I dint wait for him to sleep. as soon as the lights were turned off, i placed my hands on his thighs and massaged his cock as very nicely. I could feel his erection as if the balloon blows when it is filled with air. Then i was playing on his stomach and played with his naval. I brought my hands to his nipple areas and massaged there also. He opposed none of my actions. Now i brought my hands inside his night track. I massaged his rod very gently. I could feel his size. it was not that much lengthy, but still i liked it.

Now i removed his night track along with his underwear upto his knees. then i laid on bed in 69 position. Now my cock was facing his mouth, his cock was facing my mouth. i pulled his thighs such that i could take his rod into my mouth comfortably. He obeyed my order given by my hands.

Then I moved his cock to and fro into my mouth, i licked his balls, thighs, and again sucked his cock deep into my throat. suddenly i felt a kind of wetness on my cock too. Yes, he was also sucking my lenghthy cock. as our berths were curtained, none of the nearby berth persons would notice our activities. so we felt much comfortable go ahead with our fun. We sucked each other for few minutes in this 69 position. as i was about to cum out, i took my cock from his mouth and controlled it to some extent in order to stop the ejaculation. coz, i dont wanna make this fun getting over soon.

Now i started licking from his cock, thru his thighs, knees, and legs, and started licking from his feet, thru, legs,knees, thighs and cock. his cock was uncut. so i feel good pleasure to suck his cock with skin and without skin, rotated his cock inside my tongue.. as i controlled myself, i now gave my cock into his mouth. In this way, we continued our licking and sucking in different postures.

then he was trying to take his cock from my mouth. I knew that he was about to cum out. but still i was in good mood to take his cum into my mouth. His spitted an hot cum into my mouth and i held it till it spitted its last drop. then i spitted it from my mouth to the bedsheet which was kept on the corner :)

Then i used the same bedsheet, shagged my tool much faster to take my cum out. "SSS... Haa.. Haaa.. Haaa... " I too cum out my hot sperm thereby dropping my whole sexual mood. Then full night i was hugging him.

When we were about to drop down at coimbatore also, he didnt ask a single word about this fun, I gave him my mobile number and told him to catch me if he gets job in bangalore.

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