Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bank Agent

Bank Agent (Part 1)
Nithun is 23 yrs software engineer. Jus now he passed out of college and is working in a software concern for about 10 months. His college experience motivated his gay behaviour. From then, he had a fantasy to enjoy gay sex in a different environment and different situation. Let me personify Nithun first. Even though his real age is 23, he looks 21 by his appearance as he is slim in his looks, not much fatty content on his body. He has good bulky ass which attracted even straight guys. So to attract them, he used to wear very tight pant to show his ass in a good shape. As he is from kerala basically, he has lengthy tool as well. (Usually Calcutta guys and kerala guys will have lengthy tool from my experience). He made it bit more lengthy by continuous masturbation. He used to masturbate regularly while taking bath by applying soap and massaging it nicely. So atleast he spent 15 minutes in bathroom itself. If he doesnt masturbate, it will get erected when he sees any smart guys and that erection will be very visible thru his pant as he wears it so tightly.

He doesnt like to hunt for the guys jus from orkut and in a routine manner. As he hunted lot of guys from those sources, he felt much boring to hunt for them from the same sources any more. So he wanted to catch the guys in the thrilling manner. Usually he used to get the calls from banks for personal loans and any other investment plans. So he wanted to see the guys' appearance and looks from such sources. So he planned for that.

He downloaded some gay clippings and burnt them in cd and kept it ready for future needs. He had a dvd player in his home. He was awaiting for a bank call. That day came into his life. One girl called him and asked whether he was interested in any investment plan. Even though our hero nithun was not interested, he was eager to spend few hours with any bank guy. Coz, he knew very well, usually the bank will send the male executives to meet male customers.

He told the bank telecaller, "I am not much interested in ur investment plan, But i would like to here the plan. If i like the plan, i may join in it in future".

She asked him "When will u be free sir?".

Nithun told "I will not be free during office hours, Can u ask ur executive to come to my home on week ends? Will they come?"

She said, "Sure Sir, they will come, Tell me ur convenient timing and the address Sir"

He told her the exact address and his convenient time as 10 to 11 a.m. on saturday. Coz, 10 to 11 usally his time to take bath on week ends, and he will be much horny by that time.

Bank Agent (Part 2)

On Saturday, Time was 9.00 a.m. Nithun was lying on his bed without any dresses. He was expecting a call from bank guy. So he invited everyone after looking at their snap only. This was his first time, he is inviting someone without knowing about his appearance and looks. So he decided that if that guys was looking good at his preferences, he would indulge in his own activities to divert his mind, otherwise he would simply hear about that investment plan and send him out. So till Nithun got the call, he simply massaged his cock with his bed and dreamt about the situation with the guy if he looks good.

Time was 9.30 a.m, Nithun got the call.
"Hello, Is this Nithun?"
"Yah. Who is this?"
"I am calling from ABC Bank. You invited me to hear about the investment plan"
"Yeah.. Yeah. Wat is ur good name?"
"My name is Navneeth"

Nithun thought in his mind, "Wow.. What a sweet name!!!". He continued his conversation with Navneet.

"Yah, Tell Navneeth"
"Sir, Can you guide me to come to ur home?"
"I will guide. But one small obligation"
"Wat is that Sir?"
"Dont Call me 'Sir', Call me Nithun. It sounds so friendly and closely"
"Ok Si..r, Sorry, Nithun"
"Thats good. Note down the route"

As Nithun kept telling the route, Navneeth was noting it down on the other end. It was really a thrilling experience as Nithun was visualizing Navneet in his mind about his looks and appearance. Nithun was wearing only a towel such that his sexy cleavage was shown at his back side and he dint wear any inner-top wear. His body was so sexy and attractive with only towel on his Hip. Nithun was waiting for Navneet.

Bank Agent (Part 3)

After 15 minutes, Nithun heard calling bell sound in his home. He thought Navneet had come. So he preparedly wore his towel on his hip such that his backside cleavage (bit of ass hole) was clearly shown by someone. Nithun opened the door. Navneet was standing outside. Nithun understood it with his young look. Nithun has never expected that Navneet would satisfy all of nithun's preferences about looks and appearance. Navneet - he looked like a person with 24 yrs old, slim, tanned complexion towards fairness, charming smile on his lips always. Nithun came back to normal and asked him "Are u Navneet?", The person standing outside nodded his head. Nithun invited him to his sweet room. Navneet was also staring at Nithun's sexy body.

When Navneet entered into his room, Nithun closed the door. Nithun told Navneet, "Just sit and relax for some time Navneet, I will put the heater inside the water". Nithun went to the bathroom and picked up the big bucket and filled it up with the water and put the heating filament inside it and switched it on. Navneet was seeing on Nithun's back. He stunned a moment. Coz, Nithun was showing his ass little bit down as he wore his towel deliberately like that. Navneet thought that Nithun would have dressed it like tat accidentally. Now Nithun came to Navneet and sat beside him.

Bank Agent (Part 4)
Nithun was sitting such that his thighs were exposable thru his towel. Navneet took his diary to explain about the plan and he kept his diary on his laps as both were sitting in the bed on the floor. Nithun asked himself if I should be that diary on his laps.

Nithun asked Navneet "Navneet, u are not feeling anything uncomfortable as i am with the towel alone right?"
Navneet, "No sir, I have no issues"
Nithun, "As i am planning to take bath, i am wearing the towel. Coincidently, my bathing time and ur visiting time are matched with each other"

Navneet smiled charmingly. Nithun was sitting closely with Navneet, as if he would like to see what Navneet is going to write in his diary. Navneet started explaining about the investment plan. Even though Nithun was not at all interested into the plan, he simply watched Navneet's beautiful lip movements when he was talking. Also Nithun was planning himself about the tactful things to divert Navneet's mind towards Nithun. So Nithun expanded his legs bit such that someone could insert their hands to catch his cock and he simultaneously watched Navneet's eye movements. Even though Navneet was explaining about Investment plan, he dint miss to watch Nithun's sexy things sometimes.

Navneet: Nithun, I need some water to drink
Nithun: Wait, I will get it

When Nithun stood up to take the water from the can for Navneet, part of his towel was stuck inside Nithun's ass hole. Even though, Nithun realised it, he dint want to take it out and he wanted to show that scene to his sweet Navneet. Navneet was seeing that hot scene and he got tempted a bit. As the towel was fully stuck inside Nithun's ass hole, it was showing good shape of Nithun's sexy ass to Navneet. Also Navneet enjoyed watching his ass cleavage as well. As Nithun turned back with the water, Navneet suddenly bent his face into his diary. Nithun noticed it. Nithun gave Navneet water bottle with sexy smile on his lips.

Bank Agent (Part 5)
Navneet drunk the water and gave back the water bottle to Nithun. Nithun corrected his towel on his hip. Otherwise it would have removed from his hip and would show Nithun's naked body. So Nithun corrected it in the same way such that it was showing his ass cleavage. This time, he wore it still bit down so that Navneet could see bit of hair on Nithun's cock tip. Navneet got tempted much. But still he hesitated to expose his feelings as he came for the bank's sake and was seeing Nithun as a customer. Navneet was doubtful whether Nithun was doing all these things jus for Navneet's temptation and he was doing it casually. With this suspection in his mind, he cudnt show his feelings fully.

Navneet again brought his mind back to his diary to explain about the plan. Now Nithun was pointing out something on Navneet's diary to ask some doubts in his investments. Even though he does nt have any doubt, he jus wanted to come closely with Navneet and make him touch his sexy body. Now, Nithun was touching Navneets' hands on his diary and Navneet's left arm was inside Nithun's right arm pits. To balance, Nithun was touching Navneet's stomach with his elbow.

Usually Nithun kept his body clean as he is software engineer. So even if he has not taken his bath yet, still there was a good flavour coming out of his body. That romantic smell was able to be grasped by Navneet as he was much closer to him and it tempted him a lot. But due to doubtness of Nithun's intention, Navneet dint reveal anything to Nithun and Navneet simply acted smart to pretend Nithun that he was very much serious about explaining the investment plan alone.

Bank Agent (Part 6)
Even though Navneet was doubtful about Nithun's intention, Navneet was trying to look at Nithun's cock in his side eyes. Wowwww. As Nithun didnt wear anything inside and he was horny about Navneet, Navneet could see Nithun's erection somehow. Navneet understood that Nithun's cock is at 90 degree inside his towel. But still he felt this situation is much thrilling, he dint ask Nithun anything about his erection and he wanted to see how things would be going on.

After few minutes, Nithun asked Navneet "Navneet, Jus hold on, I will see whether water gets heated", Navneet nodded his head. While Nithun stood up, Navneet saw Nithun's towel stucking inside his ass hole again. Nithun didnt care about that and he went to check the hotness of the water. As the water was much hot, he switched off the heater. And Nithun Called Navneet "Navneet, can u help me bringing this bucket to the bathroom", Navneet came to help Nithun. Nithun held the bucket in two hands. Navneet held the buckets from the other side. As Nithun already wore his towel very loose and when he took the bucket, it got totally undressed from his hip. Navneet was stunned to see that moment.

Coz first time, Navneet was seeing someone naked in front of him. Also Nithun was very much attractive with his erection at 90 degree. Nithun told Navneet, "Oops, sorry Navneet, as i was planning to take bath, i dint wear anything inside and i was unaware that it would get undressed in front of you, sorry if u mind anything". Navneet came back to normal and told Nithun, "hey it is ok Nithun, it is casual thing among guys". Nithun asked him "So u dont mind if i dint wear anything in front of you ah?", Navneet told Nithun, "I dont mind if u dont mind anything", and passed a charming smile to Nithun.

Bank Agent (Part 7)
Nithun removed his towel fully and stood naked in front of Navneet. Navneet was staring at Nithun for sometimes. Navneet thought himself in his mind, "Wow wat a sexy body and sexy cock this guy has..!!!", Nithun told Navneet, "Navneet, i would like to see u like this", Navneet hesitated. Nithun continued "Forget about that u are bank agent and i am a customer and let us be good closer friends from now onwards, why u dint like me?"

Navneet told Nithun "Not like tat. I am bit hesitant", Nithun said, "Hey common, only we two are here na? Am i not standing naked in front of you without any hesitation?, Jus common baby"

Navneet accepted Nithun's request and removed his dresses one by one, Nithun helped him to remove his shirts, pant, everything. Nithun was amazing to see Navneeet's naked body. Navneet was not as fair as Nithun, But navneet was attractive with his tanned complexion. Nithun usually likes guys with moderate hairy body. Navneet body was little bit hairy and it showed his manliness as well.

When Nithun removed his underwear, he saw that Navneet was full at his erection. Nithun was wondered and said to Navneet, "Wow, urs got erected already ah", Navneet said, "When u were sitting close to me , i felt some kind of erection, coz, ur body was so sexy", Now Nithun removed Navneet underwear and Both of them were now without any dresses.

Nithun and Navneet were kissing each other at their lips, bit each one's tongue, lips, cheeks everything as the wild animal is eating its food after long time starvation. Navneet was simulatneously smooching Nithun's sexy boobs. It gave extra pleasure to Nithun and let him do the same thing with Navneet as well.