Thursday, February 19, 2009

Condom Game

I had one regular fun mate named kishore in my life. I caught him in the chat only. But due to my friendly attitude, i became very close to him. Atleast monthly once or two months once, we used to have fun. we moved with each other like play boys. we used to do naughty things while going out, like commenting about smart guys on our way, keeping the arms on each one's hip and shoulder.

so far we have done only smooching, hugging, kissing, 69 pos sucking, group bath. We dint try out the fucking thing so far. As i am not expert in fucking, i dont fuck anyone. but kishore was very much interested to fuck me hardly. Usually i dont get fucked by one night stand guys. but kishore became my regular friend and we had all kind of fun stuff and he was getting in touch with me even after the first fun, i too was interested to serve my ass hole for his fucking.

So we were planning to get condom from the shop after finishing our dinner.

Kishore asked me to get the condom from the shop. As i was very shy to get this stuff from the shop, i dint accept it. I told him if he was interested to fuck me, he had to get it.

As i told before that we are naughty guys, I planned to play a bet game while buying condom. I asked kishore to buy condom from the shop when two three guys are there as i was interested to see the public reaction when someone buys the condom from the shop. I bet him Rs.50 for that. But i dont wanna play this game in my area as there will be some familiar faces in the shop. So after finishing the dinner we both went to the area where most of the people dont know much, we were searching for a suitable medical shop for that.

Then we found one medical shop in the area where most of the people dint see me frequently. even though there were lot of medical shops, we chose one medical shop particularly as there were cute guys who were running that medical shop. The guys' age were around 18 to 25. but unfortunately there was one old customer who was buying the medicines. So we were waiting for some more time for the cute customers to come. Luckily after few minutes, three hot north indian guys came to the medical shop. Having seen them, my mind changed. Yes, i dint wanna kishore to play the bet. As i was interested to catch their attention, i had planned to play the game. I called kishore, "Kishore, u need not play this bet, better i will play", He nodded his head

Myself and Kishore went to the shop. I heard from some of my frnds how to get the condom from the shop, if we simply ask them to give KS, they will cover it inside the pack and give it to us. But my intention was to attract the guys' attention over there. So i directly went and asked in a way such that they heard me. I asked one of the smart guys who was in the shop, "Give me one condom packet" and also i looked at the northy smart guys casually, they were staring at me.

The medical shop guy gave me the Kamasutra condom packet. But i didnt wanna end the session immediately. So i further asked him "Dont u have flavoured condom". He smiled at me and asked me "which flavour do u want, Sir?". I looked at kishore, kishore was laughing in a uncontrollable way. i asked the medical shop guy "Give me banana flavour, coz i like it much". By the time, he collected the banana flavour condom, i sighted the northy guys, they were also smiling at me. Medical shop guy gave me the condom packet and i gave him the money for that. When collecting the change from him, i told him kiddingly, "If the banana flavour does nt come, i will return the packet", kishore was laughing and dragged me outside from the shop. I too left the shop looking at the northy smart guys. they were still looking at us.

Then we reached home with the condom game. As i usually take bath if i come from outside, i keep the water in heater. As our sexual organs were also hot, we were about to have casual fun by the time, the water got heated. we were lip-kissing each others in a different way. While kissing, i removed the dresses from kishore's body, and kishore was removing body from my body. Now we were wearing only underwear. I kissed all over the kishore body and sucked his nipples very deeply, and i was sucking his thighs, legs. Kishore started kissing my body from my legs and then finally he finished his journey at my lips. Then we both were eager to taste the rod from each other. due to lip kissing, we both got good amout of erection. My rod almost came out of my underwear as it was lengthy. My frnds used to amaze at my tool's lengthiness. But i have seen rods lengthier than mine from few guys, so i was not much pride about my lengthy rod. When we got erection, it is very difficult to accomodate our rod inside our underwear. So i wanna let my rod free, so i removed my underwear, and drew the line from kishore's forehead to his lips multiple times with my erected rod. Oops. i forgot to see the water whether it got heated. Yes. it was hot like me, Myself and kishore were planning to take bath together. I removed kishore's underwear too, and massaged his rod gently. Even if kishore's rod is less than mine, i loved its erection much. We both went to the bathroom like a honeymoon couple.

I bathed him in a nice way, i played with soap on his body, i loved to apply the soap to the erected rod. and i applied the soap inside his ass hole, and made it soft and smooth and inserted each of my finger inside his ass hole. Now Kishore's turn, He applied soap on to my body, i got good amount of erection on my rod, kishore moved my cock skin to and fro with his soap fingers as my rod was uncut. I was almost felt the heavenliness pleasure with Kishore's foreplay.

Then we finished our bath. We were totally naked. We came to my bed. then i continuously kissed his lips deeply, bit his tongue. He licked all over my body, he sucked one of my nipples, and squeezed my another nipple. Then he slowly come down, licked my naval pit, and bit my hips. I was enjoying the pleasure given by him in the heaven. I dont know whether heaven and hell are there. But we simply brought the heaven back to the earth thru our pleasurable things.

Kishore started sucking me very nicely. I asked him to give his cock in 69 position. We sucked each other in 69 position. As there was a soap smell, it added an extra romantic thing to our activities. He sucked my balls, licked my thighs and again sucked my cock very well. I too do the same thing as i enjoyed the pleasure from his activities. Then i asked kishore to start his fucking activity. Kishore nodded his head.

I took the olive oil, i asked kishore to sleep comfortable in my bed. I asked kishore to wear the condom as well. Kishore wore the condom, by the time, i took few drops of olive oil and applied onto his condom-wrappered cock. little bit i applied into my ass hole as well, to get his cock smoothly inside my hole. Now i did situps on his cock. Kishore's cock was perpendicular to his abdomen. I held it tightly and I slowly screwed it into my ass hole. As after a long time, i was getting fucked, i felt bit uncomfortable with the pain. But from my experience, the pain would no longer be there once the full cock went inside.

So i was screwing my ass hole with his cock fully. I crossed his whole cock and sat on his abdomen with his cock screwed inside my ass hole. I was relaxing myself for sometime by keeping his cock inside my ass hole and sitting on his abdomen.

Then i was waiting for the pleasurable pain to get over as his cock was new introduction to my ass hole. I was sitting for few minutes with his cock screwed in my ass hole. Then i did situps on his cock. While standing up, i kept 75% of his cock inside my ass hole and then again i sat into it. Kishore was enjoying that pleasure with romantic murmurings. I too loved it. As i was facing him, while doing situps, his cock movements inside my ass hole was hidden by my lengthy cock. So i did 360 degree rotation of his cock inside my ass hole, now, my butt cheeks was facing him. I was facing his legs.

Again i did situps in tat posture. i didnt knw how lng i did it. But definitely for a long run, we were enjoying in tat posture. Then i took kishore's cock out from my ass hole. I asked him to wear new condom. By that time, i was relaxing myself as i was totally sweating due to heavy situp exercise

after few minutes of relaxation, we were trying for the new position. Now i bent down showing my ass hole for his fucking. Kishore was smoothly inserting his rod inside my ass hole. He started fucking me very hardly such that the hit sound between his abdomen and my butt cheeks was about to be heard by someone outside. Like this he fucked me very nicely. Even though it was bit painful, i was enjoying those heavenful moments.

As i was bending for a long time, my thighs were also paining. So i was standing to relax my thighs by keeping his rod inside my ass hole. i cud feel his cock's shivering inside my ass hole. Then again i bent. He was continuing his fucking stuff again. While fucking, his hands were playing around my sexy hips. It gave me an extra pleasure.

Then again i bent to show my ass hole to his cock. He started fucking me again. then i released his cock from my ass hole. I asked kishore to sleep in my bed. Kishore slept. I was sitting on cock to keep it inside my ass hole as usual. As my ass hole was widened by kishore, now his rod went inside my ass hole very smoothly. Now i slept backwards, kishore got up upwards simultaneously without taking his rod from my ass hole. As i was concentrating on his rod, i lost erection. So i asked him to keep his rod inside my ass hole without fucking so that i could bring my erection back by that time. After few minutes, i felt erection on my cock.

Now Kishore sucked my erected rod by keeping his rod inside my ass hole. As it gave me an immense pleasure, i was about to ejaculate. I was trying to pull kishore's head as i was about to cum out. But kishore was very much interested to catch my cum inside his mouth. So i dropped my full cum inside his mouth itself. Now kishore was shagging his rod inside my ass hole by keeping my cum inside his mouth. He also ejaculated. Luckily, as he wore the condom, all of his cum was caught inside the condom itself. Now he took his cock from my ass hole. The condom was filled up with his cum. I went to bathroom to take bath and dropped the condom inside the flush.